ALWU & Students

Today, ALWU represents over one thousand members across the motu, including hundreds of students. 


Students are a key part of the ALWU community and can get involved as members through their university student committee.

Why join us as a student?

Unions represent workers. So why does ALWU see students as a key part of the organisation? Two reasons:

You keep us "young"

Traditionally, students of all ages are one of the most activist and forward-thinking sectors of society. When students can directly input into ALWU’s campaigns and plans, ALWU gets the opportunity to tap into that energy, talent, and perspective.

You keep us going

Today’s students are tomorrow’s legal workers. Activating and engaging the student base before it joins the workforce is a key way for ALWU to ensure longevity and keep its membership base broad and inclusive for years to come.

ALWU Student Committee

The ALWU Student Committee is a group of law students representing every law school in Aotearoa who work together to advocate and promote ALWU at their respective universities. 

They host a variety of online and local events aiming to provide transparent information to law students and education surrounding employment rights. 

If you are keen to get involved, email